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Privacy Statement 

Motion Capture Installation || Unreal Engine

Privacy Statement is a 360-motion capture installation that delves into the fundamentals of privacy and personal space, inspiring questions and conversation about both. Your sense of personal space will be completely manipulated and tested while you are trapped inside. Each audience member will be submerged in a virtual space which initially promotes a sense of comfort and ease, until it fades into a mass of bodies and movement that create a feeling of objectification and an invasion from the virtual spectators inside the world.

Production Director: Valentina Escotet, IDM
Art Director: Teresa Yang, IDM
3D Director: Jixuan Sun, ITP
Set Director: Dimos Markoupolous, ITP

Environment and Projection: Unreal Engine
Motion / Performance Capture: OptiTrack, Motive, iKinema
3D Modeling and Texturing: Maya, Substance Painter
Character Rigging: MotionBuilder