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Tipsy App

Mobile App Development || Coded on XCode

Tipsy is intended to serve as a mixology guide. It provides step-by-step recipes so that even the most amateur of mixologists can create the tastiest drinks. Users are able to follow recipes using interactive videos and illustrations.

Project Goals Include:

  • Provide a list of ingredients for each cocktails, as well as low-calorie and special occasion drinks.
  • Create an interface that allows for simple and easy interaction with users.
  • Give users the ease of having all the cocktail recipes they might enjoy in a single app.
  • Make recipes easy to follow by including videos and photos.

App Includes:

  • Custom-made videos for all 10 of our Tipsy Specials
  • Custom-made buttons and backgrounds
  • Custom-made illustrations for all our page titles and our 19 featured drinks